We're a Team Committed to Finding Quality Solutions for Our Customers

We're a Team Committed to Finding Quality Solutions for Our Customers

Denis keating & marcus tilley

Our Mission - to deliver beyond your expectations

What does that mean? It means finding the best solution for your needs. It means we want to tick all the boxes, and then some.  It means we’ll be striving to deliver the goods for you. It means we have values we adhere to, such as buying and supplying Australian made wherever we can. And of course it means quality in everything – the products, the service and the installation.

Bert and cathy tilley

Our Founder - Bert Tilley​

Cathy and Bert Tilley began making blinds in a small workshop at their home in Melbourne in 1986, and production has been continuous since then. Ashwood Blinds was formed in 1987. The business has expanded beyond the original bamboo blinds to offer a full range of blinds, shutters and security products for windows and doors. Over thirty years later, the business is led by their son Marcus, while Cathy is still active in the business on a daily basis.

Marcus tilley

Marcus Tilley - Melbourne Operation

If you need someone who knows blinds inside-out, you need Marcus.

He’s Ashwood’s General Manager in Melbourne, and he’s been making quality blinds – yes making them – for 12 years. Which means Marcus understands, not only the process and the final product but also the materials used in making blinds, and where and how to use them.

A great listener with a practical problem-solving mind, Marcus is a goldmine for customers who want the very best window and door covering solutions, whatever the parameters.

Denis keating

Denis Keating - Brisbane Operation

Denis leads Ashwood’s Brisbane operation, serving customers in Brisbane as well as the surrounds.

Finding the perfect window covering solution is something Denis excels at.

Denis has been helping clients make the most of their windows since 2004. And his 25 years working with textiles, curtains and upholstery have fostered his ability to find a clever fix with stylish results.

Preserving a view, combating heat or cold, controlling light – whatever the problem, you can be sure Denis will find a solution.

Cathy tilley

Cathy Tilley - Melbourne Office Director

Cathy has been involved in every area of the business from day one, cheerfully helping customers with her lovely personable charm.

She takes care of our Melbourne showroom and advises and assists customers in selecting the right product for their needs. 

Cathy’s experience is such that she knows everything worth knowing about the business, from production through to installation.

She also liaises regularly with retail stores and interior designers to ensure their own customers receive exactly what they want.

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