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Amplimesh Security Doors & Window Screens in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

Hinged Door

Amplimesh® hinged security screen doors offer the comfort of fresh air flowing through your home with clear and unobstructed outdoor views. Keep intruders out and your family safe with our range of durable stainless steel home security doors.

Security hinged doors offer the simple solution for a front door or smaller entrance way. Designed to suit your lifestyle and budget, our hinged screen doors have been trusted by over 2 million Australian customers.

Sliding Door

Amplimesh® sliding security doors are designed to maximise your usable space. Stainless steel security sliding doors are perfectly suited to protect wider openings like outdoor entertainment areas and backyard patios.

Constructed using a patented process, eliminating the need for unsightly screws and rivets, SupaScreen® sliding screen doors are an elegant solution to match your lifestyle.

Folding Door

Amplimesh® folding security screen doors provide maximum strength and durability without obstructing airflow or outdoor views. With flush stainless steel handles and the ability to open in or out, it is no coincidence that architects love and demand our range of SupaScreen® security folding doors.

Folding doors add a touch of accordian class to wider openings such as those leading to decks or patios. Once opened, they can be stacked side by side to maximise available room so you can get the most out of your entertaining areas.

Window Screen

Amplimesh® fixed security window screens are the simple, cost effective solution for keeping intruders at bay without compromising that view. All of our window security screens are corrosion resistant and exceed Australian Standards.

As windows increase in size, so does their attractiveness to thieves and other unwanted intruders. SupaScreen® fixed window screens feature marine grade stainless steel mesh, offering unparalleled security and comfort for your family.

Window Exit Screen

Amplimesh® window exit security screens provide maximum strength and durability to protect your family. SupaScreen® stainless steel window screens are easy to operate from the inside, but secure from the outside.

Window exit screens are equipped with outward or sliding functionality, allowing for an easy exit should the need arise. The slimline design, choice of colours and custom sizes makes these window security screens the obvious choice for your home.

Flyscreen Doors

Flyscreen doors are also another good option in keeping out insects. They allow you the ability to keep the insects out whilst letting some air into your home. 

Ashwood Blinds and Security Doors supply and install custom made flyscreen doors making them to specific dimensions. Now your home can be filled with delightful summer breeze without insects and bugs.

Our Flyscreen Doors also come with a range of mesh options including fine Aluminium, Fibreglass, Tuffmesh, DVA One Way Vision Mesh and Pet Proof mesh to prevent damage from kids or pets.

Flyscreen Doors come in many types and we can provide any of the following:

  • Hinged Flyscreen Doors
  • Sliding Flyscreen Doors
  • Double Sliding Flyscreen 

Call Ashwood Blinds and Security Doors for your flyscreen door measure and installation!

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