Bamboo in Wet Areas;
How to care for your Blinds

Custom classic bamboo blinds installed in a bathroom
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Many of our bamboo blind materials are suitable for use in moist areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. And they can also be installed outdoors while still complying with the requirements of our 5 Year Warranty.

  • To help you choose the best material for moist situations:
    Select a material from our Classic Range. We would apply an exterior clear lacquer to protect the material from moisture.
  • Select Matchstick or Raw Bamboo and our custom paint colour service. This would have the same effect as coating with an exterior clear lacquer.

Looking after your Blinds
In either of the cases described above, the Bamboo material would be protected, and cleaning would be relatively simple. 

So yes, our warranty applies in damp environments, providing you take appropriate care of your blinds, including rolling them up if storms or strong winds are forecast, and allowing them to dry thoroughly whenever they do get wet (i.e. don’t roll them up wet).

Note that our warranty does not cover mould or mildew growth as this is something beyond our control. However, as stated above, this can be removed from materials that have been coated appropriately.

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