Tie-downs secure your blinds against airflow and breezes

Bamboo Blind Accessories​

For the ultimate in customisation, select from our range of optional accessories

Edge Binding

For indoor installation, edge binding is ideal if you want a soft, finished look, for example in bedrooms and living areas. It's a unique finish that available for custom bamboo blinds.

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We have a binding colour range to match your bamboo material choice.


Match your colour scheme, window frame, door frame, existing window and door hardware and the overall design of your interior from our range of cleat colours and finishes.

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Cutting blinds to fit around obstructions


A solution for the problem of airflow, tie-downs prevent blinds from movement, which is especially useful in breezy conditions. Noise is reduced and damage to the blind can be prevented.


Our blinds can be motorised and operated via a remote control device – an ideal solution for large blinds or inaccessible installations. We can help you select the best system for your needs.


Blind Maintenance Service

Our maintenance service ensures your investment in our blinds repays you generously with long service. Our blinds frequently last for decades and maintaining your blinds certainly extends their life. Find out more, call your nearest supplier below or use our contact form.

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