Custom Made Plantation Shutters

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Plantation shutters create a wonderful, light, relaxed mood and a tropical ambience. And they do a great job of filtering and directing daylight as well as providing privacy.


Our shutters look good in almost any room in the home, especially where an outside view is unimportant. Their simplicity and the choice of colours and finishes we have available make it easy to blend plantation shutters with almost any interior design.

Plantation shutters viewed from outside
White plantation shutters for a bedroom window
Close up of white plantation shutter slats
Hinged plantation shutters fitted in a bedroom
White plantation shutters fitted for a dining room
White plantation shutters for a bedroom window


Shutters are hinge mounted so they pull open to expose a view or give access, for cleaning for example.

Made from high-grade eco-friendly polymer with an aluminium core, our shutters are both durable and suitable for wet areas.

Hinged plantation shutters fitted in a bathroom


If you thought plantation shutters were outside your budget, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Yes, they  can be expensive, but ours are not.

And yet, there’s no compromise in quality; the high-grade eco-friendly polymer is very hardwearing. It’s also VOC compliant, waterproof, fire retardant, and termite proof.

The material doesn’t warp, crack or peel and insulates more effectively than timber, protecting your home from heat and cold and reducing energy costs. Our shutters need minimal maintenance and are available in two slat sizes.



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