Custom Made Venetian Blinds

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If you need to direct and control light from your windows and doors, Venetian blinds will do the job, and more.


If you love the look of Plantation Shutters but they’re outside your budget, Venetians are an excellent alternative.

Why? Because they combine low price with good quality, making them superb value for money. And that in turn makes them a good choice for rental properties.

White Venetian pullcord detail


The range of slat widths means the blinds can sit neatly inside the space available. Our window Venetians may be fixed at the base so they don’t swing and they don’t make noise. Optional wand control improves safety and gives a tidier finished look.

White timber Venetian blind filtering light in a living room
Black Venetian blind fitted to a bathroom window

Although Venetian blinds can be installed in any room, PVC works well in wet areas, while timber and cedar are ideal for bedrooms, living areas, or a study.

Photo of Timber Venetian Blinds


The polished surface of aluminium Venetians gives them a sleek shiny look that can make  surrounding spaces appear larger.

Choose from a wide variety of colours and materials to suit your interior, the situation and your budget.

Black Venetian blind fitted to a bathroom window


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