Our Bamboo Blinds are different. They’re made to last. They’re designed to withstand the rigours of daily use. They regularly give decades of service to our customers.

Custom Raw Bamboo White Screening blinds
White Raw Bamboo Blinds used for screening in a restaurant
Black Stitch roll-up bamboo blinds fitted to French doors
Classic Tortoiseshell Bamboo roll up blinds

Our blinds are made by Bamboo Blinds Australia. They are custom made by hand, using superior quality materials and construction techniques and they’re covered by a 5 Year Warranty.

Match any Interior

Custom Made Tortoiseshell design bamboo blind in a bathroom
Classic Tortoiseshell Brown Stitch Roman Blind

You’ll be surprised at how well our bamboo blinds complement your interior, whatever its style. And extending the bamboo blind theme to outdoors is possible too – some blinds in our range are not only suitable for outdoor screening and shading, they’re absolutely made for it.

Custom Woven White Bamboo Blind Roman blind
White Woven Bamboo Roman Blind

Blinds can be made as roller and roman blinds from any of the materials in our range, and can be motorised for ease of use.

Durable Custom Bamboo Blinds


What makes our bamboo blinds (even our outdoor bamboo blinds) so durable and long lasting? The exceptional quality of the materials we use, combined with the same exceptional quality of our construction techniques.

Hand crafting custom bamboo blinds

Our blinds are custom made by hand, using superior quality materials and construction techniques.


Bamboo Blind Header Timber

The timber we use for the top and bottom rails is high quality square-checked KD hardwood, preventing the blind from warping and bending.


Cord Runner fitted to a bamboo blind

Our pulleys are fitted with a larger wheel, with a smooth-running action, reducing wear on the cord and making operation quiet and smooth.

Blind Pulley fitted to a custom bamboo blind
Colour coordinated Bamboo Blind Cord

We believe the difference is in the detail. For example we always colour match our cord to the colour of the blind.

The blind fabric is threaded with long-lasting synthetic thread, unlike the majority of imported bamboo blinds which are made with cotton thread.

Cotton thread is unsuitable for outdoor use in Australia. In contrast, the synthetic thread we use makes our blinds durable enough for long-term outdoor use. Our operating cord is made of polyester for the same reason.

Maintenance and Repair

Our maintenance and repair service is available to make sure your blinds last.

Fixtures and fittings can be replaced. For example the cord and pulleys can be returned to us for replacing at minimal charge, which is particularly useful for blinds fitted outdoors.

Custom making blinds in the Bamboo Blinds Australia workshop


Brown Combi*

Brown Combi Natural material
Natural or Clear Lacquered
Brown Combi Golden Oak material
Golden Oak (stained)
Brown Combi Walnut material
Walnut (stained)


Natural Bamboo material
Natural Bamboo
Tortoiseshell Black Stitch material
Tortoiseshell Black Stitch
Classic Bali material

Raw Bamboo*

Raw Bamboo Natural material
Natural or Clear Lacquered
Raw Bamboo White material
White (painted). Custom paint colour
option also available.
Raw Bamboo Golden Oak material
Golden Oak (stained)
Raw bamboo material Charcoal
Charcoal (stained)
Raw Bamboo Walnut material
Walnut (stained)

Woven Bamboo*

Woven Bamboo Natural material
Natural or Clear Lacquered
Woven Bamboo White material
White (painted). Custom paint colour
option also available.
Woven Bamboo Golden Oak material
Golden Oak (stained)
Woven Bamboo Walnut material
Walnut (stained)

See our dedicated Matchstick page for more information.

Matchstick Natural material
Natural or Clear Lacquered
Matchstick White material sample
White (painted). Custom paint colour
option also available.
Matchstick Golden Oak material
Golden Oak (stained)
Matchstick Walnut material
Walnut (stained)
Matchstick Charcoal material
Charcoal (stained)

*The material photos shown are an indication of colour but there will be inaccuracies due to lighting, viewing equipment and the photography process. Use them as a guide, then call us for an in-home or on-site appointment, or visit our showroom to view the full range of materials. Be aware that bamboo is a natural product and shades may vary depending on the substrate and batch.
Ideally you should select by viewing the material of the product itself, in the location where it’s to be installed. Call us now to arrange your free, no obligation on-site measure and quote.

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