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How to measure 

Easy Step by Step way to measure your windows

1. Use a steel tape measure
2. Measure using mm
3. Record width first, then the drop. 
4. Decide where your blind will hang. There are two options – Face Fix or Recess.
5. Have a look where you want to hang your blind and make sure there are no restrictions. Things to look for include window locks, window winders, benches/showers screens etc protruding the window frame, door knobs if attaching blinds to a door.
6. Decide which side you would like the operating chains/cords to be on. Remember, for venetians there is a tilting wand and a lift which can be same side or one each side.

Face Fix

The blind will be attached to the face of the architrave. You need to measure from the edge of one side to the edge of the other side, for the width. For the drop, measure where you want the top of the blind to be attached to and where you want the bottom of the blind to hang to. You need to take into consideration window sills, the floor, window frame etc.


The blind will hang inside the window frame. You need to measure exactly from one edge to the other edge on the inside of your frame. This is called the hard measure. Do this for the drop also. After measuring, make the following deductions on your sizes, and send those measurements through to us for production.

Special Applications

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