Custom Made Awnings

Awnings provide shade and shelter, making the home more liveable, indoors and out. They protect outdoor spaces from weather and give entertaining areas definition. And they protect openings from the hot Australian sun.

Side channel custom awnings around an outdoor entertaining area

Custom Awnings for Entertaining

Awnings do a wonderful job of creating and defining oudoor areas where you can sit, relax  and enjoy in comfort.

Folding arm custom awning for an outdoor entertaining space

Custom Awnings for Shading & Cooling

Shading glass from otherwise unprotected windows and doors is likely to be essential for keeping your interior cool, depending on the aspect and climate. Awnings are an effective solution, especially when reflective material is used to maximise the cooling effect.

Side channel custom awnings providing shelter for an outdoor entertaining area
Folding arm custom awning

Awnings are useful for shading hard surfaces like concrete and pavers from the hot sun, which in turn helps to keep the building cooler.

Fixed guide custom awnings shading windows overlooking a pool

Weather Resistant Custom Made Awnings

As always we only sell the best quality products made to last. Fabrics are made specifically to withstand the harsh Australian conditions.

The fabric doesn’t fade or perish, and their waterproofing quality protects your windows and doors from rain as well as sun.

Full Range of Custom Awnings

Fixed Guide

Fixed guide awning drawing

Track Guided

Ziptrak track guided awning drawing

Wire Guided

Wire guided track guided awning drawing

Side Channel

Side channel track awning drawing

Rope and Pulley

Rope & pulley awning drawing

Pivot Arm

Pivot arm awning drawing

Folding Arm

Folding arm awning drawing

Auto Awning

Auto awning drawing

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