Made to Measure Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a simple yet elegant and adaptable option. They look attractive in both muted and bright vibrant colours.

The apparently endless choice of colours, fabrics and finishes is a reason why made to measure roller blinds are one of the most popular window coverings.

Made to Measure Roller Blinds are Neat

The key to a great finished result is careful planning and positioning during installation. Precise adjustment gives control over privacy. And matching pelmets are available, giving your blinds a neat finished look.

Custom roller blind and matching pelmet fitted over internal double doors

Made to Measure Roller Blinds are Cost Effective

Although rollers are lower in cost than other blinds, they don’t have to be low quality. Quite the opposite in fact, which becomes obvious when you see the excellent finish and build of the components and fabrics we have available.

We supply the best roller blinds on the market, but we deliver value-for-money too, and a 5 year warranty.

Made to Measure Roller Blinds can be Motorised

Motorised custom roller blind for inaccessible openings

For inaccessible openings, blind operation can be motorised.

Remore control for blinds and curtains motorisation system
Orange custom roller blind in a bathroom
Made to measure roller blind in a kitchen

Made to Measure Roller Blinds are Practical

Roller blinds are practical and adaptable. For example, weather-resistant fabrics are available for outdoor installations.

Translucent custom roller blinds fitted to an outdoor entertaining area

Block-out and light filtering options provide full control over light and therefore heat, especially effective when two blinds with different filtering are fitted to the same opening.

Custom made double roller blinds
Block-out and translucent roller blinds together provide control over light and privacy

Precise adjustment gives control over privacy. Roller blinds fitted throughout smaller homes, offices and consultation rooms, for example, give the impression of tidiness and space.

Custom roller blind fabric & frame close-up detail
Roller blinds rope pulley and hooks close-up detail

Roller blinds can be mounted above an opening (above bi-fold doors for example) to ensure they don’t interfere with the view or the operation.

Custom roller blind fitted to bi-fold doors

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