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For window grilles Melbourne is well served by our steel range because they’re a must for many homes, especially inner city homes with street-level windows. But window grilles, while doing their job can also make a stylish, classic statement, complementing your property.

Black solid steel vertical bar window grille


We offer a standard design range as well as a custom design option. Our custom option allows you to get creative and design your own. Alternatively we can match an existing window grille.


Made from solid steel, our standard bar gauge is 19mm x 19mm. Alternatively 50mm x 20mm gauge frames are available.

Optional Extras – security mesh for added security and rust protective coatings for very exposed windows are available.

Custom made window grille with scroll effect
A custom design with polished steel finish


Our window grilles are either fixed or openable. Openable grilles are needed for upstairs rooms, especially bedrooms for fire safety reasons.

There are 3 standard designs (below) plus a custom design option.

Fleur-de-lys window grille design drawing
Standard design wp1
Window grille design drawing
Standard design wp2
Cross-hatch window grille design drawing
Standard design wp3

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